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Our Team

We are here to help you look & feel your best!


Clinical Esthetician / Owner 

Katelyn offers advanced skincare services normally only available in the City! 

She brings extensive experience in the Medical Esthetics field, working at top skincare clinics in Ottawa and Vancouver . Katelyn specializes in advanced acne procedures and non surgical skin treatments. She has spent time teaching students her technique at Vancouver Colleges and has a vast in depth experience working on a variety of common skin conditions and skin types. Formulation development sparked a passion in cosmeceutical products and has allowed Katelyn to apply this knowledge to treatments & skin consultations with her clients. Her latest achievement is launching her skincare line Medikate Skincare.

Fresh Magazine featured articles by Katelyn on the latest advancements in natural rejuvenation techniques and Laser Hair Removal. In addition she was a member of the PAC Esthetics Program Advisory Board in British Columbia where she improved industry standards within the Esthetic programs at VVC.

Katelyn’s focus is aimed at helping others with their skin questions and concerns and being that person you can talk to when you feel you’ve tried everything.

Mia du Pleesis, MD

Cosmetic Injector 

Doctor Mia du Pleesis is here at The Skin Room to offer cosmetic injections, as well as injections for migraine and hyperhidrosis!

Mia graduated medical school in South Africa in 2005. She has always had a keen interest in women's health, and cosmetic injections to boost your confidence and help you look and feel your best! Dr. du Pleesis has been enthusiastically serving the Edson area as a family doctor for over a decade, and she is very passionate about helping all of her clients, medical and cosmetic, to age gracefully by restoring and enhancing their natural beauty.

It's very important to Mia that we honor experiencing a full life as a privilege, which inevitably leads to aging. But this is meant to be celebrated, cherished, and not hidden. Simply enhanced, to bring out your natural beautiful self! Doctor, cosmetic Injector, Mother, Wife, trail runner and mountain lover, Mia and her husband have experienced life to the fullest themselves, with three beautiful little girls at home. 

This boss lady has many titles, and one of them is friend. To know her is to love her, and to be in her treatment room is to be in good hands!

Lise Wanneburg, MD

Cosmetic Injector 

Bio coming soon!

"You don't need more product, you need less" 

- Owner/Founder of Medikate Skincare Katelyn Rousselle

Imagine we obsessed over the things we love about ourselves, instead of the opposite?

My first goal in treatment is to help you look your best. My second is to help you see that you’re already there.

If we spend all of our energy focusing on the imperfections, we’ll completely miss the true beauty that is happening now.

The blemishes and imperfections will come and go, (ideally sooner than later right?) but don’t let them take over. I am here to make that part easier, so you can spend time focusing on what really matters. YOU.